Women for Change


Romy Wakil

Psychodynamic psychotherapist


Romy is a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist working within a trauma informed approach. Originally Lebanese, grew up in Cyprus and currently residing in London - Romy is passionate about bridging the gap between mental health and human rights as a direct result of her Middle Eastern roots. She has spent the last 8 years advocating for change in systems within the field of mental health and human rights - and advocating for equity through different mediums. In her initial role at an NGO in Cyprus, Romy set up free therapeutic spaces for asylum seekers in which she worked with them in their mother tongue of English/Arabic/French. Currently in London, she aims to bridge the gap as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead at Orri - an eating disorders centre in London - in which she is developing culturally responsive care for people inhabiting all types of bodies, challenging the Westernised focus and encouraged a more identity-informed approach of working in order to ensure all clients are seen and held inclusive of gender, sexual orientation, race, faith-based beliefs, developmental and acquired disabilities. She also works alongside Refugee Trauma Initiative's therapeutic team in what she calls her ‘soul work’ of co-facilitating weekly therapeutic groups on Zoom for male asylum seekers residing in Greece and also developing trauma and identity-informed resources for psychotherapists and refugees. In her spare time, Romy has volunteered by providing psychoeducational workshops with different charities - all aimed at sharing the knowledge of finding internal calm within the body when experiencing/processing trauma.