Women for Change

25 Women shaping the future 

March, 2022

Meaningful change must be for everyone, by everyone.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to innovation and positive impact. Our year-round Women for Change program brings the voices and experiences of visionary women to new audiences around the world. These ambassadors have the unique ability to accelerate concrete solutions, benefiting the environment, improving the lives of people in their communities and empowering women.

This March, follow our social media campaign “25 Women Shaping the Future” highlighting female activists, innovators, leaders and decision-makers who are charting the way for a more prosperous future and developing bold new solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face. 

Many thanks to our partners: Cartier Women’s Initiative, Kering, Un Women, HeforShe, One Young World and Women in Tech, for their unwavering support! 

Adriana Luna Díaz

Co-Founder & CEO, Tierra de Monte

A scientist, biologist, and entrepreneur with expertise in socio-environmental business administration, Adriana Luna Diaz is recognized by intl. press for her work in sustainability and ecology

Majd Mashharawi

Founder of Greencake, Founder and CEO of Sunbox

After turning ashes into bricks in her war-torn neighbourhood in Gaza, Majd Mashharawi won the 2017 Emirates Energy Award for bringing solar-powered energy to those living in darkness.

Memory Banda

Founder of F4GL (Foundation 4 Girls Leadership)

When her 11-year-old sister dropped out of school and got married, Memory Banda decided to fight against child marriage in Malawi. Her organization inspires girls to be educated and bold for change.

Spandana Palaypu

Founder & CEO, ZoEasy

The next generation is taking over, and Spandana Palaypu is leading the way. Her startup supporting blue-collar job seekers to find the right employment opportunities is praised by intl. media.

Diana Yousef Martinek

Founder & CEO, Change: WATER Labs and Research Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Recognized for her work by Fast Company and the Turkish gvt, Dr Diana Yousef has had plenty of experience in biotech and sustainability working with organizations such as the World Bank and the UNDP.

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti

Founder, Green Generation Initiative

How to learn to nurture the environment at a young age? Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti teaches children the joy of growing their own food, building a loving connection with nature, and cleaning up the air.

Ilona Jedrazik

Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Poland Programme Leader, ClientEarth

Ilona Jedrasik never underestimated the issue around pollution and coal operations. Her 10 years of experience in sustainable energy has placed her as one of Poland’s leader on the topic.

@ClientEarth @IlonaJedrasik

Manka Angwafo

Co-founder & CEO, Grassland Cameroon, LTD

Manka Angwafo is an award-winning social entr. , member of Cartier Women's Initiative, recognized and published development policy expert with a decade of experience working in rural communities. 

Bella  Lack

Protagonist of the documentary Animal by Cyril Dion

Bella Lack is a teen conservationist who began campaigning work at 12 years old. She's an ambassador for various NGO in order to help spread the message around the necessity of protecting the wildlife

Nina Gualinga

Indigenous activist

Advocate for climate justice and indigenous rights since she's 8, Nina Gualinga relentlessly fights to protect nature and communities in the Amazon. Her inspiration: the earth and the beauty of life.

Rosalia Trujano Ortega


Rosalía Trujano Ortega sought to address 3 issues faced by women in Mexico: lack of training spaces, unemployment and gender-based violence. Her response was to launch a social bakery as a safe space.

Julie Howe

Sophie Howe is the world’s only Future Generations Commission and has become “the guardian of the interests of future generations of Wales”. Her goal is the well-being for the current and future gen.

Vanessa Nakate

Climate activist

Following the 2018 deadly floods that hit Uganda, Vanessa Nakate became a leading voice for the climate and strives to raise awareness to the danger of climate change, the causes and the impacts.

Elodie  Brunstein

Directrice de Solicaz

Elodie Brunstein, Founder & CEO of Solicaz, has spent 12 years restoring degraded areas of Amazonia. At 25 she founded her start-up to contribute to the development of innovative and bio-inspired solutions to overcome the biggest environmental challenge of our century, climate change.

Salma Abdulai

CEO, Unique Quality Enterprise; Co-founder & CEO, Amaati Co. Ltd

Cartier Women's Initiative Awardee Salma Abdulai has gained experience working on different projects with int. NGOs for 9 years among small scale-rural farmers and women groups. 

Twitter : @DimFonio
Instagram : @dimfonio
LinkedIn : @Abdulai Salma